Luas Cross City has recently launched its new campaign ‘Be Track Aware and Give Cyclists Space’ in Dublin City Centre.

The aim of the campaign is remind all road users, including pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to be extra careful when travelling in the area of the newly laid Luas tracks. T

They are advised to observe warning signs and road marking guidance.
As well as urging motorists to be alert to cyclists, particularly in areas with tram tracks, Luas Cross City have issued the following guidelines to cyclists using the tram rail areas:

  • Be extra careful during wet or icy weather as tram rails can be slippery
  • When crossing tram rails, do so as close as possible to a right angle
  • Avoid braking on a tram rail, where possible
  • Do not ride parallel & close to a tram rail as bicycle wheels can get stuck

For further information on this campaign, please visit

Story Source: Luas Cross City

Photo Source: Luas Cross City