Mapping Your Area

A good town or village map and legend is essential to your SuperValu TidyTowns Entry Form.

A hand drawn map is perfectly acceptable, the map should be of a manageable size, A4 or A3.  On the map please name all streets and roads and mark the key public buildings and landmarks.  All new projects should be keyed to the town or village map, ensure each project is given the same number on your entry form as your map.

Do remember that your Adjudicator may not have adjudicated your town or village before and therefore local knowledge assumptions should not be made when completing the Entry Form and Map.  Absolute clarity is of key importance.

See below some examples of fully acceptable hand drawn maps, thanks to the individual TidyTowns Groups for sharing these with us.  Please also find some graph paper to assist you.

Please refer to newsletter 5/2020 which contains an informative article on Maps written by a TidyTowns Adjudicator.

Sample Maps

Graph Paper