Our Sponsors

A Chairde,

Over the last 60 Years TidyTowns has become the single most effective and important sustainability initiative in Ireland, both from an environmental and community perspective.

SuperValu TidyTowns is focused on encouraging communities to improve their local environment and make their area a better place to live, work and visit.

In SuperValu we believe in the power, joy and impact of people working together to build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities for now and for generations to come.

Our Sponsorship of SuperValu TidyTowns began in 1991 and we are proud to see how the competition has grown from strength to strength.

In 1990 there were 616 committees today there are 1,000 active committees and a solid movement of almost 30,000 volunteers enhancing and improving our towns and villages around the country. This is a great source of pride for us in SuperValu.

Over the last three decades our teams and local retailers have worked hand in hand to develop

and grow SuperValu TidyTowns to what it is today, a uniting force, gathering people from all parts of the community to work together for a common cause.

Each year the dedication, commitment and passion of the thousands of volunteers involved in SuperValu TidyTowns continues to amaze us and is something to be extremely proud of. These committees drive the competition’s continued success and growth.

We believe that SuperValu TidyTowns is a unique community movement, unparalleled in Europe which has a huge impact on our communities.

We have also seen the competition evolve and remain relevant, switching its focus to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals of which we in SuperValu are also a champion.

We are excited for the future of TidyTowns and are convinced that it will have an even more critical role to play in sustainably developing our communities.

We believe climate change will start in our communities and by working together the local actions we take in communities across Ireland will have a positive global impact.

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh go léir!

Ian Allen,

Managing Director, SuperValu