Who Can Enter?

The SuperValu TidyTowns competition is open to all areas, big or small, urban or rural, and each are entered under their respective population categories. These range from the smallest, Category A – Under 200, to the largest, Category H – 25,001 and over. Entry is free regardless of the size of an area.

Entrants are the ‘ambassadors’ for their area in SuperValu TidyTowns and therefore are the primary contact in relation to correspondence. Ideally, entry should be made by a broad-based group that represents all sectors of the community.

However, it is not expected that these structures have to be in place before entering. Entry from a credible body, such as a Local Authority, Development Agency, Residents’ Group or Local Business, will also be accepted. Nonetheless, in all cases, it is expected that participation will be used to generate wider interest in the effort within the community. Progress on encouraging broader community involvement is a major part of the SuperValu TidyTowns’ assessment criteria.

The documentation needed to participate is a completed entry form forwarded to the TidyTowns Unit of the Department of Rural and Community Development, either by email, on-line or via post. Additional information may also be provided with the form to assist the TidyTowns adjudicators in their assessment.

All participants are encouraged to prepare a multi-annual strategic plan to guide their activities. This may be forwarded with the entry form when available. However, it is not a requirement for entry.