SuperValu TidyTowns 2018

Update on Supervalu TidyTowns Competition Consultation process

  • Consultation on the future direction of the TidyTowns Supervalu Competition were held in recent months. There was very good feedback and all suggestions are being considered at present.
  • Regional Breakdown and the separation of the Tidiness and Litter Control Category – It had been proposed to increase the number of regions in the Supervalu TidyTowns competition from 5 to 7 and to separate the Tidiness and Litter Control Category into 2 individual categories. Unfortunately we are unable to undertake this amendment at this time but the proposal will be looked at it in the overall context of changes to the competition.
  • Revision of Marking system and introduction of Zero marking – There was mixed reaction to the proposal to introduce zero marking for all or some categories within the competition.  It is not proposed to introduce this change at this time but will be considered again at a later stage.
  • The main changes to the 2018 Competition is in the wording of the categories in the application form. This has been done to provide greater clarity for participants.
  • The TidyTowns Unit will provide updates to committees as changes to the Competition come on line.