Green, which is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, wants to encourage more Irish businesses and workplaces to become ‘energy aware’.
Here are some of  ‘Top Tips’ to help Irish businesses conserve energy and make savings.

  1. Switch off and plug out machines such as computers, printers and kettles when not in use ( i.e, when leaving the office in the evening).
  2.  Install Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs (CFLs), as these bulbs use only a small fraction of electricity compared with ordinary lightbulbs and they also last ten times longer.
  3. Keep lights off during the day, unless it is absolutely necessary to have them on.
  4. Radiators and fans should be kept clear from furniture and other obstructions as well as being kept clean. This is to ensure efficient heating gets into the room.
  5. All machines including fax, copiers and printers should be checked and cleaned often to maintain optimum efficiency
  6. Only turn heating on when necessary and ideally, set the heat to turn on and off at the same time each day.
  7.  Have boilers serviced regularly by a reputable company. Boilers and tanks should be insulated to prevent heat escaping.

About Green
Green Business is a free and confidential resource efficiency service for all types of SMEs in Ireland.
The service is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the National Waste Prevention Programme with the objective of delivering substantive resource efficiency improvements and cost savings, through waste prevention and reductions in water and energy consumption.

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Story Source: Green

Photo Source: Pixabay