As bad weather affects road conditions, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has released these tips to help Irish motorists drive more safely during the winter:
Check your tyres: Tyres must be at least the legal thread depth of 1.6mm.

Use your Lights: Motorists are advised to use their dipped headlights when driving during the day so they are easily seen.

Understand your brakes: Check the manual that comes with the car to see if the vehicle has safety assisting technologies such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) or Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and find out how these technologies can help when driving in bad weather.

Keep a safe distance: It takes longer to during adverse weather so keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front. If in doubt, remember the two second rule, this should be double for Winter weather.

Make sure you can clearly see: Motorists are advised to carry a de-icer as well as a screen scraper in their vehicle. Never use boiling water to clear the windows as this can crack them.

Beware of black ice: This is one of the most important things to remember when driving in Winter. Black ice can be fatal so be aware of it.
Be Prepared: Motorists should have items such as a high visibility jacket, spare fuel, a hazard warning triangle, a shovel and a torch in their boot at this time of year.

Ensure the vehicle is well in off the road in the event of a breakdown: This is so as not to obstruct other motorists. In the event of a breakdown, always turn on the hazard warning lights.

Keep up to date: Motorists should listen to the weather to find out what driving conditions are like before embarking on their journey. They should also listen to traffic reports to find out if any roads are closed or extra icy.
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