Under The Weather.ie is a website developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE), which gives advice on how to look after yourself and your family if illness strikes.

The website comes with advice from doctors as well as pharmacists  and is divided separately into sections for ailments such as cold, cough, rash, temperature and tummy bugs.

For example, here is what Undertheweather.ie says about colds:
“Colds are caused by a virus, so they can’t be treated with antibiotics. Read your Cold Timeline below, and then get advice on What to Do.

Your Cold Timeline
•    1 to 3 days
This is when you will feel worst.  The first symptom of a cold is usually a sore throat. This is followed by symptoms such as sneezing or a blocked, sore and runny nose. Generally 1 out of 3 people with a cold will experience a cough with an overall feeling of being unwell.
Do not take antibiotics for a cold, as colds are caused by viruses and antibiotics cannot treat viruses. Drink plenty of fluids to replace those lost from sweating and runny noses.  Get lots of rest and eat healthily.

•    4 – 7 days
By this stage, most adults will start to feel better but children will take a little longer to get well again.
Continue to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthily. You can start getting back to normal when you feel well enough.

•    7 days
Except for young children, you should be fully recovered by now –  but remember a cough, if you also have one, can last 3 weeks.
You should be fully recovered and ready to get back to normal.”

For more information, please visit: http://undertheweather.ie/