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02.11.10 - Call for Proposals: Grants for Volunteering Flagship Projects

 The European Commission has set aside a fund of €2 million for the co-financing of a maximum of 54 flagship projects across the EU - 1 or 2 projects in each EU member state.


If your organisation has an innovative project, initiative, or scheme that aims to help create conditions conducive to volunteering and increasing the visibility of voluntary activities, apply by 12th November.


The budget available for any particular Member State has been established on the basis of the population of the Member State concerned. In Ireland, the budget for each project is between EUR 48,000 and EUR 60,000. The purpose of this call is to select projects which will receive a grant from the European Commission, in order to test and develop new and innovative schemes and approaches with a view to build long-term partnerships between civil society organizations operating in the area of Volunteering.

 Each project must involve a partnership of at least 4 partners. The Commission will limit its co-financing at 60% of a project’s total eligible expenses.

Project Themes
Priority under this call will be given to projects designed to develop and encourage new and innovative schemes and approaches which will have long lasting effects and focus on the following themes:

• Improvement of the quality of volunteering, in order to facilitate volunteering activities and to develop further the capacities of structures or organizations based on volunteering activities

• Creation an enabling environment for volunteering and addressing existing obstacles to voluntary activities

• Employer-supported volunteering

• Mobility schemes in volunteering for people of all ages, with specific emphasis on young people

• Volunteering as a way to fight against social exclusion as a follow-up to the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010

• Fostering senior volunteering and strengthening intergenerational dialogue and cooperation

Project Activities
The project activities must contribute to the development and implementation of the general and specific objectives, and one or more of the themes, identified for this call for proposals.

The activities supported would be:

• Exchange of experience and good practices at local, regional, national or European level;

• Undertaking of studies and research as well as dissemination of their results;

• Conferences and seminars to promote debate and raise awareness of the issues and develop Networking;

• Development of approaches to reach out new non organised volunteers;

• Creation and production of innovative audiovisual and multimedia tools and products

Activities must start between 15 January 2011 and 31 March 2011. The maximum duration of projects is 12 months.
The call for project proposals is now open, and applications must be submitted before 12 November 2010.

About EYV2011
The overall purpose of EYV2011 is to encourage and support the efforts of the EU, the Member States, local and regional authorities, to create the conditions conducive to volunteering in the European Union and to increase the visibility of voluntary activities in the EU.
Applications are now open

Full Information and documentation can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/citizenship/news/news1092_en.htm

Further queries can be emailed to: COMM-CFP-EYV2011@ec.europa.eu