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Special Awards

Special Awards

In addition to the main competition, Special Awards are held each year under TidyTowns which highlight particular local environmental activities.


Terms and conditions may differ under each, but in general entry to these competitions is open to all TidyTowns groups and others working in the community to improve their local environment.


New this year!

The Pollinator Award aims to encourage TidyTowns groups to implement pollinator friendly actions in their towns and villages as part of the TidyTowns competition.  Irish bees, crucial in the pollination of our plants, trees and vegetables, are in decline.  This is because we’ve drastically reduced the areas where they can nest and the amount of food our countryside provides for them.  The aim of the award is to reverse this trend by encouraging TidyTowns groups to take simple measures such as leaving wildflowers to grow along roadsides, field margins, and/or using more pollinator friendly plantings in parks and gardens.  The award supports the All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 and is sponsored by the Heritage Offices & Biodiversity Offices of Local Authorities across Ireland. 


For more details, visit www.biodiversityireland.ie or click 'Pollinator Award'.


The Clean Air Award aims to encourage communities to promote awareness of the importance of clean air for human health and the environment.  In particular, the award will recognise projects that raise awareness of the potential impact that local choices, such as choice of home heating fuel, can have on the air we breathe in our towns and our communities.


For more details, including the entry form, visit www.environ.ie or click 'The Clean Air Award'



The aim of the Irish Water Value Water Award is to raise awareness of the importance of mindful water consumption in communities and encourage participation of members of the community to reduce consumption per household and per neighbourhood by promoting behaviours that conserve water, e.g. using water butts instead of hosepipes to garden common areas, car washing schemes that use less water. 


It will reconnect communities with their water and where it comes from and reward communities by recognising positive impacts of TidyTowns activities on the sustainable supply of water to their community and environment.


For more details, visit www.water.ie or click 'Irish Water Value Water Award'


The SuperValu Youth Award is a new initiative of the SuperValu TidyTowns competition which aims to celebrate the contribution of young people to TidyTowns activities and to encourage greater youth involvement with TidyTowns groups.  The award is for young people aged under 18 years of age.  Awards will be made at National and Regional level for projects which substantially involve young people, working together with their local TidyTowns group, to deliver benefits to their local community.  


See  www.supervalu.ie for full details or click 'SuperValu Youth Award'.


The overall aim of the TidyTowns Climate Change Award is to recognise the positive role local communities can make towards addressing climate change through their TidyTowns activities. The first objective of this award is to raise awareness of climate change within communities. More importantly, the second objective is to promote behaviour change to encourage communities to undertake projects which will set their community on a path towards a low carbon, climate resilient community. This could be done through, for example, working in conjunction with the local authority in respect of projects which would be strongly relevant including those with a planning, transport or waste management perspective. 


For more details, visit www.environ.ie or click 'The TidyTowns Climate Change Award'


The Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) Competition would like to reward communities that are implementing environmental awareness initiatives to eliminate chewing gum litter in their area.


For more information about the GLT Competition, please visit 'Gum Litter Taskforce 2016'.  or click 'The Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) Competition'


A New Special Award, The SuperValu Diversity Award, will recognise the way that you include all of your community, on an inter-generational and inter-cultural basis, in your TidyTowns committee and in the work you do.  This award recognises the benefits that embracing diversity and working across the generations brings to your community.  It rewards the intergenerational and intercultural aspects of your committee.


Visit www.supervalu.ie for full details or click 'The SuperValu Diversity Award'


The EPA Waste Prevention Award is to recognise communities that have undertaken activities to prevent waste and use resources efficiently.

To find out more about this new Special Award and to download the application form, please visit 'EPA Waste Prevention Award 2016' or click 'EPA Waste Prevention Award'.


The TidyTowns 'Can It!’ Award is a special art competition sponsored by Alupro Ireland (Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation) to find the most novel artistic design made from used beverage cans and foils.


For more information about the TidyTowns 'Can It!' Award, please click Can It! 2016 or click 'TidyTowns Can It! Award'.


The TidyTowns Sustainable Development Award will recognize a community that can show it has succeeded in mobilizing its citizens to bring to life at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

There are plenty of ideas to get you thinking on the UN’s “Take Action” webpage by clicking here.


For more details www.environ.ie. or click 'The TidyTowns Sustainable Development Award'.


The TidyTowns Heritage Award is a special competition sponsored by The Heritage Council to recognise projects undertaken by individuals or groups within the community that have helped to promote their local heritage and enhance access and knowledge to it in their community and beyond.

For more information about the TidyTowns Heritage Award, please visit the Heritage Council website at: http://www.heritagecouncil.ie/about-us/tidytowns-heritage-award/


The TidyTowns Tree Project Award is a special competition sponsored by The Tree Council of Ireland to recognises the huge impact that properly positioned trees can have in a town or village and the importance of having the right tree in the right place.


For more information about the TidyTowns Tree Project Award, please click www.treecouncil.ie or click 'The TidyTowns Tree Project Awards'